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Garden Pool

Garden swimming pools for the kids

Kids love garden swimming pools and with extremely good reason, because it can be extremely fun and great for the family in general. You can have so many good hours and times and lazy days in a swimming pool, it’s incredible. If you think way back to your childhood you’ll realise that some of the best times was when you were either at the beach or in a swimming pool. You can do so many fun things in and play fun games to play with your friends that it just makes absolute sense to have a swimming pool in the garden if you can afford it. The hardest thing to decide with the garden swimming pool is whether or not you get a built-in one, or you get one that is assembled on the surface that you simply buy from a manufacturer and set up on-site. They’re extremely easy to do if it’s the latter and not that much of an investment if it’s the latter as well.

If you go with a built-in swimming pool that you dig the ground out and then install proper services then it can get extremely expensive, but that being said it’s also quite worth it but that doesn’t mean the best garden swimming pool wouldn’t be out of the equation above ground anyway. You can spend a good bit of money and get rather large one. You still have to be a little bit careful about how you look after them and you have to make sure you do the maintenance and you still need to get yourself a pump filter plus the lights to make it look cool, it’s just a case of making sure that you do look after an above ground swimming pool properly because it’s not as strong as the type that you build into the ground properly.

garden swimming pool

garden swimming pool

I am also going to take a look at the best swimming pools for gardens and go over the options that are available and see if we can work out the best one specifically designed for your budget. There’s so many different types of garden swimming pools available out there, that there is certainly going to be one that fits into your budget so we can have a good look through a large number of them and see if we can’t find you one, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started looking for the best garden swimming pools available for sale today.

What’s the best garden swimming pool for a family?

Without question the best garden swimming pool for a family is the one that comfortably fits all of your family and you can play without any risks of damage to the pool itself, but not too large that you have more maintenance than is required. You basically just want to strike a balance between having a high quality pool you can all fit into come but not too large and not going to pick up an unnecessary maintenance bill. The larger the pool, the larger bills in terms of chlorine and maintenance on pumps that you require. You need more lighting and you need a far bigger system so basically what you want to do is try and pick the best of both worlds, one that basically entirely fits your needs as a family but at the same time does not cost the earth and end up taking up too much space and then consequently you having to maintain what you’re not even using effectively.

Where do you buy a garden swimming pool from?

Without question I head straight to Garden Toolbox if I need to buy a garden swimming pool. Garden Tool box have sold swimming pools and have done so for many a year and as far as I’m concerned, have an excellent returns policy as well as pretty good in customer service. I think it’s the best way to get a garden because you don’t have to invest all that much money, and you find yourself in a situation whereby you want a swimming pool in a couple of days, you have one set up in no time and are ready to start playing. What more could you possibly ask for from a garden swimming pool when the company that provides them.

Outdoor pool entertainment area

Outdoor pool entertainment area

Are they easy to set up?

Depending on the type of garden swimming pool you buy, they can be extremely easy to set up and can take as little as a few hours. If you go for one of the larger above-ground garden swimming pools then you might find yourself in a situation whereby it’s the best part of a day and you could potentially leverage on the company that delivers the pool to help you install as well.

How much water does a garden swimming pool need

You can use a huge amount of water so be careful about the actual size of pool you actually decide on. As I mentioned, there’s absolutely no point having a garden swimming pool too big for your requirements. All you do is end up picking up an overly expensive maintenance bill and not fully using the pool itself.

If you had enough money, maybe you could consider a real fixed swimming pool

Without question if you had enough money you just basically get yourself fixed in ground swimming pool but as we mentioned, this takes a long time and if you’re heading up to summer then you might lose most of the summer waiting into the pool to arrive. You’re situation will be better if you buy an above ground swimming pool that you just set up, and start enjoying!